The Diverse Skills Required to Unlock Value and Drive Enhanced Business Performance

The Diverse Skills Required to Unlock Value and Drive Enhanced Business Performance

From left to right: Wessel Jacobs (Chief Executive Officer), Nola Esselaar (Legal and Business Advisory), Quintin Terreblanche (Business Advisory and Investment Management), Leon Raubenheimer (Property Specialist and Business Advisory), Craig Duff (Branding Marketing and Business Advisory) and Jeanne Terreblanche (Business Advisory and Investment Management).

Private equity firms seeking to create value and drive business performance require a diverse level of skills, knowledge and experience within a collaborative team. CEO of Jacobs Capital, Wessel Jacobs, says that expertise across disciplines such as deal making, legal, property transactions, business analysis, operational restructuring and branding enables private equity companies to effectively unlock value, perform successful turnarounds and implement performance enhancement projects.

At Jacobs Capital, much of their success has come through their approach to deal making and value creation. Marc Thom and Tyrone Bricknell head up Jacobs Capital’s in-house private equity and transaction advisory division and bring over two decades of experience in deal origination and investment management to the team. According to Thom and Bricknell, real value is created in the initial stages of each transaction.

“Irrespective of whether you are dealing with a standard private equity deal or a distressed asset in need of turnaround, value creation always starts at the very beginning,” says Thom.

Bricknell agrees adding that, “Unlocking value and managing risk is never simple, but it’s a great deal more plausible if you have the right range of expertise on the team”.

This range of experience and expertise enables the Jacobs Capital team to view investments differently and identify viable investment opportunities where others may not.

“From the outset, even at a due diligence level, our team’s operational experience and entrepreneurial backgrounds allow us to consider the operational integrity of each business investment carefully, over and above typical financial and legal reviews,” says Jacobs.

Each transaction presents a considerable amount of complex legal issues which need to be addressed. As a result, the importance of having an experienced legal team to manage these issues from the outset cannot be undervalued.

The legal team at Jacobs Capital is headed by Executive Director, Nola Esselaar. With a wealth of commercial and contractual legal experience, Esselaar works closely with the team to navigate the legal landscape of acquiring new investments. With the assistance of this experienced legal division, the team are well equipped to deal with all legal aspects relating to acquisitions, business rescue and operations, ranging from agreement structuring through to industrial relations, human resources and legal compliance.

There is often a property component within most private equity transactions and consideration needs to be given to this in order to maximise value and manage risk.  Leon Raubenheimer, Executive Director at Jacobs Capital, brings a lifetime of property experience to the team. Raubenheimer advises the professional teams on this critical component in the acquisition and management space, and provides valuable guidance to ensure Jacobs Capital consistently maximise the opportunity presented within each property asset.

Once Jacobs makes an investment and all legal requirements are in place, performance enhancement processes are immediately implemented. Executive Director Quintin Terreblanche – who drives operational restructuring within the Jacobs Capital investments – believes that the team’s ability to tailor tried and tested methodologies to suit a business’s specific needs is what enables Jacobs Capital to enhance performance over a short period.

“From a restructuring perspective, we capitalise on the hard yards made by our deal making and legal teams by putting a premium on benchmarking and operational performance. From here we develop business strategies, implement improvement projects and drive global best practice to improve business performance,” says Terreblanche.

As an accomplished business advisor and business analysist, Jeanne Terreblanche is a key player when it comes to implementing benchmarking, process management and best practice processes. Her experience in these critical areas further complements the team by contributing to their strong restructuring abilities.

The restructuring process also normally sees a long overdue focus on the operational side of the business. This is particularly apparent in a manufacturing business environment as they understand that driving operational efficiencies is always essential to delivering premium quality and competitively priced products to the market.

“We draw on operational best practices to immediately enhance business performance,” comments Quintin Terreblanche. “These include proven methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma. However, we are able to use our experience to customise these principles to support the desired business model, and essentially create value within each business”.

Concurrent to the operational improvement projects, Jacobs Capital deploys their brand, marketing and commercial teams to ensure that the business makes an impact in the market from the outset. Executive Director Craig Duff is charged with driving these initiatives. He says, “Our role in the brand, marketing and commercial teams is to focus on reinvigorating marketing and sales to ensure that each business meets the required commercial objectives. At the same time, we ensure our marketing and advertising is focussed on building powerful brand positions within the markets in which we operate”.

Jacobs Capital understands the importance of possessing skillsets within the team that offer value which extends beyond the acquisition and into the management of an investment business. Jacobs says, “Our operational and management teams are supported by our in-house human resources division. This experienced team of HR professionals offer assistance with matters such as staff structuring, internal alignment, labour disputes and executive agreements, and bring value to the team at a post-acquisition stage”.

Over the years Jacobs Capital has prioritised and invested in building a team with the diverse range of skills needed to build an asset from deal origination to a successful brand which offers real presence in the marketplace. Today they present the right empowerment credentials and a well-rounded team that enables them to work collaboratively to consistently unlock value and drive enhanced business performance and turnaround across a wide variety of industries.