Why Jacobs Capital is the Right Private Equity Partner for Your Business

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Why Jacobs Capital is the Right Private Equity Partner for Your Business

Businesses owners seeking private equity investment should aim to identify partners who possess proven deal making abilities, investment management skills, a solid business network and the ability to understand a business’s individual needs. A partner with these skills will not only provide capital input, but will also assist the business in navigating the complexities of private equity towards achieving business success, says Jacobs Capital CEO Wessel Jacobs.

Jacobs Capital is a dynamic private equity firm focused on assisting middle market businesses in achieving their full potential through managed partnerships.  By incorporating a proven hands-on approach and access to a diverse and highly skilled team, Jacobs Capital delivers reliable investment solutions to their partners.

As an on-balance sheet private equity company, Jacobs Capital offers investee businesses a key advantage without the usual exit timeframe pressures of fund investors. Their experience lies in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and transactional structuring. These skills, delivered by their “investment banking” team, who are seasoned professionals in equity investments and deal origination, ensure Jacobs Capital creates value for shareholders.

In-house private equity and transactional advisory specialists Marc Thom and Tyrone Bricknell indicate that the Group’s approach delivers immediate value.

“The upfront structuring and negotiating of a deal sets the platform for its eventual success. We then create the environment and support for our management teams to focus on the “day-to-day”. All the while our affinity for commercial due diligence and experience in the merger and acquisition space allows us to strategically grow real value at a transaction level,” says Thom.

Furthermore, Bricknell suggests that Jacobs Capital’s ability to see beyond the transaction and identify opportunities has changed the way their dealmakers identify potential.

“The collective skills within our team enable us to radically impact the performance of an investment. This has driven a unique view on how we identify investment opportunities. As a result, we often see potential where others may not,” comments Bricknell.

The Jacobs Capital approach differs from traditional private equity firms. These firms often look towards improving the prospect’s profits and overall financial wellbeing as they move towards positioning the company for resale. It’s an approach that holds little value for the investee company. Consequently, Jacobs Capital focus on both short and long-term strategies. From the outset the Jacobs Capital impetus is directed at driving performance improvements with a view to ensuring profits and increased returns over a shorter period. However, Jacobs Capital simultaneously put considerable focus on implementing strategic business processes that are structured towards long-term sustainability, cognisant that sustainability drives future income and directly impacts the value of the business.

Beyond the investment realm, Jacobs Capital offers further expertise. Their capabilities include transactional, legal, operational, commercial, human resources, financial advisory, branding and marketing skills to provide extensive benefits to their investment companies.

Jacobs believes it’s all about unlocking value, and Jacobs Capital’s ability to get to the operational heart of a business and understand both the internal processes and the market enables them to offer distinctive value to their partners.

“We are not confined to high-rise boardrooms where we mull over historical analysis and forecast future projections. When required we immerse ourselves in our investments. We pride ourselves on our ability to implement performance enhancing or restructuring projects. These projects drive substantial change from the heart of the business, and we work closely with management teams to achieve this,” says Jacobs.

In light of this, Jacobs Capital are typically drawn to established investments that already have experienced and committed management teams in place. These opportunities offer a firm foundation from which they can work towards assisting the business in discovering, rediscovering or exceeding profitability margins.

Within these businesses, Jacobs Capital then implement tried and tested business methodologies that deliver improved performance and sustainability.  These processes are driven by their dynamic team of experienced business specialists.

Having headed up their own successful businesses, these specialists offer “real world” business and entrepreneurial experience. Their capabilities facilitate Jacobs Capital’s highly nimble approach to business, enabling them to pivot where necessary. This responsiveness also enables them to implement strategic business models that capitalise on opportunities in all stages of the investment cycle. Whether during the pre-screening of a transaction or an immediate intervention due to an underperforming investment, Jacobs Capital are able to rapidly deploy experts to optimise their investments.

This aptitude for driving improved performance and value impact in their investment businesses holds extensive benefits for both investees and investors. In addition, their ability to safeguard the investment and offer investors comfort and security during the investment cycle has established Jacobs Capital as a dependable private equity partner.

Critically, however, their success in private equity transactions lies in their ability to form partnerships with management teams, shareholders and their network of business experts. These partnerships allow Jacobs Capital to draw on a vast pool of resources. This ensures they are able to discover the best solution for a business and set the company on the path towards improved business results.

Moreover, Jacobs Capital promotes cohesion and collaboration amongst all stakeholders. So much so that they often invest alongside their management teams to ensure that all interests are aligned. This transparency within their partnerships enables them to gain buy in from all parties to achieve outcomes that are favourable for both the business and its investors.

“Our reputation as a private equity investor that conducts transactions in an ethical manner is testament to our commitment to fair business dealings,” says Jacobs. “We take great pride in this hard-earned reputation. It often dictates that our partners adhere to similar ethical principles to ensure that they are the right fit for our firm”.

Jacobs Capital’s track record is evidence of the effectiveness of their approach. Over the last decade, they have completed various transactions that have yielded significant returns from both deal making and performance enhancement structures across a broad spectrum of business sectors. This success demonstrates their ability for deriving extensive value from transactions. In addition, it highlights their aptitude for successfully turning around underperforming businesses to improve profit margins and drive higher performing assets.

These aspects of this highly selective investment firm make Jacobs Capital an attractive partner for those seeking to profit from a private equity structure.

If you’re considering a private equity transaction and believe that your company fits the Jacobs Capital criteria, please click here to provide us with summarised details of your transaction requirements.

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